24/7 Storm Damage Cleanup in Altoona, PA and Vicinity

24/7 Storm Damage Cleanup in Altoona, PA and Vicinity

Charlie’s Tree Service is the authority in 24/7 storm damage cleanup in Altoona, PA and vicinity. Looking for a licensed and insured company offering a wealth of experience? Our expert crew will tackle any damage with care and consideration of your property. When you are dealing with fallen trees and debris, we specialize in tree removal & cleanup. We have the ability to tackle any storm damage, no matter how severe, with Bobcat equipment. If you find yourself dealing with storm damage, give Charlie’s Tree Service a call at (814) 943-1131. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Reduce Fallen Trees and Debris in Altoona, PA, and Beyond

Most fallen trees and debris in Altoona, PA, and surrounding areas, caused by a storm is preventable. It is important for trees to have a yearly evaluation. Tree analysis checks their health and decreases the risk of major damage. Homeowners skipping this step could pay a high deductible for cleanup and repairs. Our experts will inspect the branches, bark, and cavities. They will also check for insects, mushrooms, and fungus. Give Charlie’s Tree Service a call for a free estimate to check the health of your trees.

Learn About the Reasons Trees Fall During Various Weather Conditions

Weather related tree damage could be costly to a homeowner. But, it helps to know why trees fall in various conditions. Heavy rain combined with high wind can cause trees to topple easier. Also, an early snow can cause branches with leaves to snap and break. Charlie’s Tree Service looks forward to serving the community when storm damage happens. If you have a concern about your trees, contact us or message us on Facebook.
Trust Charlie’s Tree Service for Storm Damage Cleanup in Altoona, PA