Tree Trimming in Altoona and State College, PA

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Charlie’s Tree Service offers dependable tree trimming in Altoona and State College, PA. Trees can add to the beauty of your property but need regular maintenance. When your trees have dead or diseased branches, call Charlie’s Tree Service. Our expert trimmers have over forty years experience in pruning and shaping trees. They will remove the dead or diseased limbs with safety and haul them away. Call Charlie’s Tree Service at (814) 943-1131 for a trimming estimate.

Understand Why Trees Need Regular Maintenance

Regular tree maintenance will benefit overall tree health. Homeowners who skip seasonal pruning risk weak branches falling during a storm. Removing dead and diseased limbs will allow the tree to develop a stronger root system. Maintaining healthy trees will reduce the chance of falling limbs causing neighborhood power outages. Contact Charlie’s Tree Service today to schedule a tree maintenance appointment.

Identify Your Trees’ Warning Signs for Eventual Trimming

Most tree limbs show clear warning signs before a break and fall occurs. Homeowners need education on those signs before they fall. The best way is to call Charlie’s Tree Service to check your tree’s overall health. Our experts will look for barren limbs and broken or damaged branches. They will also inspect for cracks where branches attach to the tree trunk. Trees provide shade to beat the summer heat so let Charlie’s Tree Service inspect your tree today.

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Residents throughout Central Pennsylvania come to Charlie’s Tree Service for safe, effective, and reliable tree work. Whenever customers choose us for their project, we take their needs very seriously. As part of our customer service promise we will go above and beyond the call of duty for them. At Charlie’s Tree Service, we genuinely care about our customers, and strive to serve them well.
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